Steps of Accepting Consultancy Projects

Stage 1: Listening

This is the stage when our prime motive is to listen carefully and comprehend problem and issues of our client. At this stage, we make a few questions so that we understand requirement of our clients and could go to the second stage. This is also an opportunity for us to tell our potential clients ‘about us.’ Our fees

Stage 2: Short Proposal

If the first stage is passed successfully, we send a brief written proposal highlighting our methodology or suggestions. We also quote a price for the services that we would render to the organization. 

Stage 3: Signing the agreement

At this stage, a legal contract will be signed, which will be binding on the both parties. Note: Any expense that occurs in preparing a legal contract will be paid by the client.

Stage 4: Payment

After signing the contract, client will make advance payment as agreed in the contract before we commence the project.

Stage 5: Project Commencement

After receiving the payment, work on the project will be commenced forthwith. At this stage whenever is required, we keep in contact with the top management.

Stage 6: End of Project

We put our all efforts to complete the project on time. After completion of the project, report and recommendations will be submitted to the authorized person(s). If they need any clarification or discussion, we will be available for 30 days after submitting the report.

However, no report will be submitted in the case of workshops, seminars and refresher except a brief letter giving more or less feedback on the project.





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