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At times, it becomes impossible for conflicting parties to reach a solution that satisfies all the parties. Conflicts that are not resolved within a reasonable time are not healthy for decline efficiency of the organization and can create severe complications. In some cases, conflicting parties can end-up in legal courts. Mediation is one of the best channels to settle disputes in a friendly manner. Basic principles of mediation is to understand underlying reason (s) and a process of give and take.    

In the process of mediation, a third party is involved to help conflicting parties to resolve conflicts so that efficiency of the organization should not be affected. Organizations strive for managers who are also good mediators who have the ability to resolve conflicts subordinates. Sometimes organizations do appoint or hire services of professional mediators who play effective role in all conflicting situations, whether it is between superior and subordinates or between subordinates.

A process of mediation is not passing a judgment but a process of facilitation. It is a platform where conflicting parties have a better opportunity to understand each others’ point of view. In this process, no arbitrary decisions are made. Mediators help both parties to find a point where the problem of disagreement could be resolved. Mediation is though important at all stages but becomes essential when the conflicting parties reach to the point of no return and deem futile to discuss with each other directly.

Mediation is only successful when mediators gain confidence of all the conflicting parties. Confidence is gained when mediators make a commitment and assure confidentiality, impartiality and neutrality to the parties.

Successful mediators pay attention to various aspects in the process such as hierarchical relationship, behavior and attitude of the conflicting parties, self-esteem and emotions.

Mediators in the process do hold meetings and discuss the issue separately with the parties. These meetings are important because mediator can present the case of the other party and legal complications more openly. However, in such meeting one must be conscious not to lose the reality and not to be influenced by h. The principle of impartiality and confidentiality should not impair.  

Take notes in the process of mediation and keep the record in writing. If it is necessary, write down the final agreement and take signature of the both parties.

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