Types of Involvement

1. Calculative 2. Moral 3. ALIENATIVE

CALCULATIVE involvement designates either a negative or a low intensity of positive orienta­tion towards the organization. If the rules of the game are such is where only one group or particular participants are benefited all the time, other groups or participants will be calculative.

 MORAL involvement designates positive orientation of high intensity. We morally involve ourselves in a system whose environment is conducive to excel skills and provide with opportunity to fulfil personal goals and aspirations.

ALIENATIVE involvement designates an intense negative orientation. This kind of involvement is born in atmosphere where people feel that they are not getting what they are expecting. The alienation takes place when people have less trust in each other and every one is working for their own self interests.

The type of involvement has negative and positive implications on organizations. Each type of involvement flourishes in a peculiar type of organizational environment or the vice versa.




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