Our Area of Consultancy


Organisations struggle to find new ways to achieve strategic advantage in an increasingly competitive economic environment. Often, they find that the only sustainable source of competitive advantage is to unleash the power of their people to achieve the maximum value of their Human Capital. Ultimately an organisationís survival, growth and development depend on how human capital is used.  CMS join your hands in using effectively your human resource. We provide consultancy in the following areas through training programs, research and workshops.

We arrange in-house seminars and workshops to give training on a specific topic to the members of your team. It is cost effective and means to share knowledge and understanding among the participants who are working in the same organizational culture. You decide where and when you want our trainers to deliver. We tailor the course content that suit your organization needs.

  • Organizational Cultural and Structural Changes

  • Internal organizational research for organizational Development

  • HR Policy Development

  • Issues related to high employee turnover

  • Organizational Cheating

  • Systematic Power Delegation

  • Employee Motivational Problems

  • Improper communication and negotiations

  • Improving Productivity and efficiency

  • Reduction in Employee Alienation

  •  Leadership Development

  • Conflict Management

  • Mediation


Our Charges

  • 1 day 8 hours workshop: US$2000

  • 2 days 16 hours workshop: US$3000

  • Seminar with  three major speakers: US$3000

  • Research projects starting from US$4000

  • First Consultant Visit US$100 (one time fees)